Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Will LICH Be Taken Private? Cuomo's Budget Calls for Brooklyn's First 'For-Profit' Hospital

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's recently unveiled budget proposal includes something never before allowed in New York State -- two for-profit hospitals.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, one of the hospitals would be located in Brooklyn, and one elsewhere in the state. They would be operated on a pilot program basis.

Nurses affiliated with LICH and Interfaith told the Eagle they are worried this could be a million-dollar giveaway to private interests.

Assemblywoman Joan Millman told the Eagle, "The concept is a troubling one."

The story of LICH is already one of broken promises and looted coffers. There's no word yet which Brooklyn hospital will go for-profit. But the law is written in such a way it narrows the field to those affiliated with an approved academic medical institution -- which includes LICH.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Forget the hospital, which is lousy on even a good day.

But save the LICH parks on Henry St, which were created in exchange for parkland given up so LICH could build a parking garage.

By way of history, and as general background information about LICH park, this article may be helpful:

Contact NYC Parks Department to alert them as to LICH’s predicament and the need to save the parks. NYC Parks don't own the parks (LICH does) but there is a July 16, 1993 Maintenance and Operations Agreement that governs the park. The parks need to be saved even if LICH dies.