Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moscow Wants to Be Hipster Brooklyn Now

'Grinkrugs birthday at Kvartira44' by Ostromentsky
Moscow wants to be Brooklyn -- more specifically, Williamsburg, according to the Calvert Journal, which bills itself as "A guide to creative Russia."

There's Chop-Chop, a barbershop "slavishly reproducing the Brooklyn aesthetic" and the magazine/community center "Seasons Project," which profiles Brooklyn artisans and offers training to their Russian counterparts. There are a slew of clothing stores featuring Brooklyn-ish brands and vintage looks, including Fott, Engineer Garin and Chekhov. There's a vinyl shop, a cheesecake shop and even an organic produce delivery service.

"Call it a response to the peculiar predicament of the creative class: too cool for the mass market, not rich enough for the luxury market, it has created an in-between micromarket whose one basic requirement is unscalability," says CJ.

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