Monday, December 16, 2013

Food Really Hit the Spot at Brooklyn Flea / Smorgasburg This Weekend

Deserts from s'more. Photos by MK Metz
McBrooklyn swung by the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg's giant new indoor location in Williamsburg (80 North 5th St. at Wythe Ave.) this weekend and actually had a good time holiday shopping.

First off, the giant indoor space is only a couple of blocks from the East River Ferry so it's easy to get to if you live near a ferry stop. Second, though it was wet and cold outside, it was warm and comfortable inside. Third, many of the great vendors from last year (at the Holiday Market) have returned, but also some new, interesting crafts vendors as well.

Fourth, the food was plentiful and delicious! (And there are benches to sit on while eating, if you want.)

Paella from HamOn
Food vendors included: HamOn, which sold Iberian ham sandwiches and paella (photo above); and Cutie Pies (cute little pies).

BeeHive Oven served warm bite-site sandwiches on biscuits (yum!); CheesePops stacked cheese plates on skewers.

Jack's ChedBred sold killer corn bread with cheese and other flavorings; Red Hook Lobster Pound had lobster rolls, etc. etc. Most of the edibles were located in the food section, but a few vendors were apart from the herd (oysters, coffee).

Smorgasburg says they will operate year-round at this location. The Brooklyn Flea/Smorg combo runs every Saturday and Sunday through March 2014.

Hours: 10am-7pm through Dec. 21/22, and 10am-6pm for the rest of the winter.

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