Sunday, December 29, 2013

Friends of Brooklyn Heights Library: Build School Inside New Library Tower

Proposal B." Photo: BPL
Opponents of the Brooklyn Heights Branch Library redevelopment say they plan to comment “None of the above” or “Just fix up our old library” to Brooklyn Public Library's suggestion site, where the public can comment on all seven proposals.

Instead of fighting the plan to raze the old building and replace it with a tower, Deborah Hallen, president of The Friends of the Brooklyn Heights Branch Library, thinks residents should instead work the system to get a new school for youngsters.

She told the Brooklyn Eagle that there aren’t enough schools in the neighborhood. P.S. 8’s preschool is closing, and kindergartners are going to be put on a waiting list next year.

To seal the deal, Hallen wants the condo developers to devote space to a new pre-K and kindergarten. “You buy a place in Brooklyn Heights thinking you’re going to get into this wonderful school, only to be put on the wait list,” she said.

Residents opposed to the redevelopment say the whole thing is a real estate giveaway of public property, and it stinks of Bloomberg. Eagle commenter Marsha Rimler says: "Hallen's request for a K and pre K can easily be incorporated in a community plan without the developer giveaway. This is public land where public needs can be met. It can be the first 'public mixed use' building with smart thinking."

More at the Eagle.

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