Monday, December 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus Brooklyn Bangerz Tickets Range from $86 to $6,000

Photo: Rhys Asplundh, flickr
Miley Cyrus is back in Brooklyn at Barclays Center for her Bangerz tour on April 5, 2014.

Good tickets don't come cheap. For those interested, we just scouted prices and found some (comparatively less expensive) at

They range from behind-stage seats for $86 - $95; to middle-distance seating for roughly $200; left and right of stage for $500; and floor tickets from $724 - $5018.

Prices for similar seats are more (up to $6,000) at other ticket sites we checked, but you may be able to do better. 

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Anonymous said...

is this a sponsored post where you're getting paid to insert links? It seems so out of the blue for you and then there's this rather interesting link...

see, for example,

mcbrooklyn said...

No, it was more the outrageous ticket prices that caught my eye. $5,000 for a concert? We're proud to say we have never accepted a paid link. And that is why we are poor, have a day job, and blog in the middle of the night.