Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LICH Development on Hold: Are SUNY Trustees Starting to Catch On to Their Big Fat Brooklyn Problem?

Dr. John Williams
In a vote of no confidence in SUNY Downstate's President Dr. John "Skip" Williams, the SUNY board of trustees on Tuesday voted to shelve a resolution that would have allowed Downstate to start negotiating with a mega-developer who wants to turn LICH into condos and an urgent care center.

Developer Fortis Property Group, one of drivers behind the development of the Williamsburg waterfront, told SUNY it would lease most of the main hospital building to ProHealth, which specializes in primary care. The other roughly 20 LICH buildings would be turned into condominiums.

It has taken this long for SUNY trustees (all of whom face contempt charges on Jan. 21) to catch on that there is something VERY WRONG at SUNY Downstate, and that they may be left holding the bag after Skip is long gone.

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