Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Yogurt Opening We Missed on Court Street

Yesterday the new Yofiore yogurt shop at 32 Court Street had their grand opening with a lot of music and ceremony. We missed the free yogurt and Marty Markowitz's proclamation, darn it.

That make three yogurt shops opened or almost opened within a few blocks of each other on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn now. Besides Yofiore, there's Yogo Monster, at 115 Court Street. We've had their yogurt several times and found it to be delicious. And they really pile on the berries and other toppings.

Then there's Red Mango Yogurt at 125 Court Street, not yet open. All three yogurt shops operate on a remarkably similar basis -- they serve natural flavors of frozen yogurt with a varity of toppings, many of which are healthy, like fruit and nuts. They're also kind of expensive; a medium yogurt witha topping or two will run you from $5 - 8.

I found that you get more for your money at Yogo Monster than at Yofiore -- more berries and it was a little cheaper. And get this: We bought a medium yogurt with fruit at Yofiore for more than $8, and when we asked for a cup of water to go with it, they charged us 50 cents for the cup!

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Tommy said...

Yes, indeed, Yogo Monster is the way to go. Better product, and much nicer employees.

A/V said...

not sure whats going on but since all three finally opened, all their yogurt now tastes the same. smells fishy.