Friday, September 12, 2008

CORD to Brooklyn Councilman de Blasio: Wish You Were Here

In July, the Narrow Streets Zoning Text Amendment was passed by the City Council, restricting Carroll Gardens building heights on defined "narrow streets" to 55 feet. It was thought that the "out of scale" building proposed for 360 Smith Street ("Oliver House") would have to shrink to a size similar to other buildings in the neighborhood.

After the measure was passed, City Council Member Bill de Blasio said that it was “a critical piece in the larger puzzle of preserving the character of our neighborhood.” (Gowanus Lounge)

But at a meeting on August 24, "De Blasio rolled out some vague statements about how the developer had 'stepped back,' and was 'not building the building he planned,' or 'the building he could' under the zoning rules, all of which sounded like the developer hadn't exactly lost the battle." (Curbed)

Indeed, the fight is not yet over, according to CORD, which is the central group that has been fighting overscale development in Carroll Gardens.

A public hearing at the Board of Standards and Appeals for Oliver House/360 Smith Street will be held on 9/24/2008 at 10 a.m.* But CORD says Councilman de Blasio will be a no-show.

Yesterday, McBrooklyn received a letter from a CORD co-founder, Lucy DeCarlo, to the councilman. It reads, in part:

"Where are you Councilman De Blasio?"
we ask, as residents of Carroll Gardens who fought long and hard along with you to pass the zoning text amendment . This amendment which limits building height to 55 ft. will have no value, non, nada, if we allow even one new development to be absolved from its mandate. The claims of loss at the 360 site which is barely started, are incidental, and we need our Councilman to stand by our side at the BSA hearing to show his support .

"Our efforts through the past year will be futile if we let this go. You have been a strong force in our arduous endeavor to save our neighborhood and we appreciate all that you have done. It is vital that all our politicians who were proponents of the amendment show their courage and determination by supporting their constituents at the BSA hearing.

"Where are you Councilman De Blasio? Can we count on you to be there?"

Lucy DeCarlo
Second Street

*(The public is invited speak and present evidence. Contact Toni Matias 212-788-8752.)

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