Monday, September 1, 2008

Astroland May Close Forever on Thursday UPDATED

Coney Island's Astroland is reportedly closing for good next week unless a new lease is signed. The amusement park's lawyer says the landmark will close forever Thursday at 1 p.m. SEE THURSDAY UPDATE BELOW

The NY Post reported on August 30 that "Longtime operator Carol Albert sent a recent letter to lawyers for the site's landlord, controversial Brooklyn developer Joe Sitt, threatening to shut down the 46-year-old amusement park if she doesn't get a two-year lease extension by Sept. 4."

The Gowanus Lounge reported more than a week ago that the Astroland rides were listed for sale.

THURSDAY UPDATE: The Brooklyn Eagle reports that it's all over. Carol Albert — whose family has owned the Brooklyn amusement park for almost a half century — says she has told employees it will permanently close on Sunday. Story here.

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ChickenUnderwear said...

It is funny that CBS just showed video of the Cyclone. I think it is landmarked and will stay even if the rest of the rest becomes something else

Anonymous said...

I worked in Coney Island for 15 years... Astroland might have not been a swanky amusement park, but it was a beutifull, accessible by subway place were New yorkers of all means could go and enjoy themselves...
They cyclone is only one aspect of the park... it is sad that more and more things that the average not well off person could afford are gone... I will mourn its passing... Eak the geek