Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Balcony Catches Fire in Brooklyn Heights

Quite a crowd watching the scene from Henry Street yesterday afternoon, when a balcony caught fire at the 101 Clark Street apartment complex in Brooklyn Heights. The fire was very roughly on the ninth floor, but it was hard to judge because the complex is built on top of the (burned-out) Gristedes.

Seemed like no one was home, because the firefighters climbed out on a balcony above the one with the fire and sprayed something on it. Too bad about those bushes. The firefighters had to hack their way through (photo above) so they could lean over and spray.

A short while later, somehow they got onto the burning balcony to examine the situation.

It was odd how this fire started, with no buildings or equipment anywhere near this balcony and no one home.

The Brooklyn Eagle has more about this.

Photos by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

Not odd at all. Some inconsiderate low life probably tossed a lit cigarette from a window or balcony further up and it got blown onto the balcony igniting something.

Anonymous said...

yeah, seriously....

bj said...

We find used matches on our balcony all the time. Not ours.