Friday, August 22, 2008

Carroll Gardens' 360 Smith Rising From the Dead?

Remember when the Narrow Streets Zoning Text Amendment was passed last month, restricting Carroll Gardens building heights to 55 feet? Many people were happy because that meant that the "out of scale" building proposed for 360 Smith Street would have to shrink to a size similar to other buildings in the neighborhood.

Not so fast, happy people.

Community Board 6 is holding a Public Hearing on behalf of the builder, Oliver Developments, who is asking for an extension of time to complete the construction.

The hearing will take place Thursday, August 28, 6 p.m. at P.S. 32, 317 Hoyt Street at Union Street.

After the Zoning Text Amendment was passed, construction was halted at 360 Smith because the plans (calling for a building 70 feet high) didn’t conform to the new zoning, and the foundation was only 20 percent complete, not enough for a gimme.

The Gowanus Lounge called it back in July: "The developer presumably will appeal to the Board of Standards and Appeals to try to get 'vested' under the old zoning, which is a possibility."

Public hearing notice here.

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