Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome New Brooklyn Blog, 34 Crooke Avenue

We'd like to welcome SamHall, the blogger behind the new 34 Crooke Ave. blog, named for the address of the 23-unit Scarano building called the Alvora.

Sam says, "If you are buying an apartment in Brooklyn you are required to blog about it, right? Well I've always been a rule follower so I am doing my part..."

Neighborhood-wise, 34 Crooke Avenue seems to be in a murky position.

According to Sam, "I have been doing a lot of research and I can't see any definitive answer as to what neighborhood this building is in ... I thought, and was told, that it is in Prospect Park South (PPS) but since the north boundary of PPS is Church Ave. then this building is too far north to be part of PPS even though it is south of the park."

Try this one on for size: The Brooklyn Eagle quoted Judah Domke, lead sales agent for Corcoran Group Brooklyn, as saying, “Most New Yorkers are familiar with Park Slope, the celebrity-rich, food fantastic neighborhood that runs along the northwest border of Prospect Park,” he added. “We expect the Parade Ground to be more familiar to New Yorkers very soon.”

34 Crooke Ave. blog
New Condos Planned Near the Parade Grounds Brooklyn Eagle

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Philip said...

When will all you young hip people discover the joys of Linden Boulevard. . . I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I like the neighborhood and the building. I'm looking forward to living there. Wish I was there this fall!

Anonymous said...

Your in the hood son.....

Anonymous said...

I cant say the building is an award winning architectural statement but it definitely stands out in an area with a lot of development. I like it.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any information on the developer of this project?

To be honest, I'm concerned about the economic downturn and their financial stability.
Their name is Prospect Lake LLC and (curiously) I can't find anything about them on the Net...

Anonymous said...

A number of people who've had the misfortune of dealing with the developers of this project would say the same thing - be very, very, very wary of dealing with these people. They have a terrible reputation, entirely deserved.