Friday, August 29, 2008

Remember Dondi the Painting Elephant? What's Next for the DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival

If you like the unexpected, make sure you're in town September 26 - 28 for the Dumbo ART UNDER THE BRIDGE FESTIVAL.

According to Dumbo Arts Center (DAC), art will be happening everywhere: "Streets, sidewalks, storefronts, elevators, lobbies, the water, the waterfront, parks, nooks, crannies, NY Water Taxi, and more."

Along with the public art projects, over 100 local artists will open their studios to the public, and at the new Galapagos Art Space, video_dumbo will feature a non-stop program of cutting edge video.

Anything can happen at this festival. Remember last year when Dondi the elephant executed some excellent and quite colorful paintings? Dumbo 'Arts Under the Bridge' Festival

Poster Design by Gabriela Monray
Photo by MK Metz
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