Friday, August 29, 2008

Steve Jobs Is Not Dead, and Other Fun Tech News

- Oops! Bloomberg wire service accidentally published the obituary of Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs Wednesday. Boy, is their face red! Gawker via CRN

- That 3 a.m. call never came. 40 percent to 50 percent of people who signed up to receive Obama's vice-presidential text message either received it late or not at all. CNET

- Apple has acknowledged a huge iPhone security flaw, promising an update for September that will fix the hole that can expose all your private emails, text messages and contacts. Gizmodo

- Comcast, the country's largest broadband provider, is shutting down heavy users. Subscribers whose use more than 250 GB of data a month will first get a warning call, and then their service will be suspended for a year... Washington Post

- New iPods are coming out very soon, and they'll be cheaper. Kevin Rose blog

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