Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dumbo Dive: Pedro's Spanish American, All Prettied Up

Pedro's Spanish American restaurant at Front and Jay Streets -- one of the original Dumbo dive restaurants -- is still here, and the new mural looks great.

How's the food? Here's the Yelp consensus:

A "charming dive."

"Decent food. Grimy interior. Cheap prices."

"This place has character (and character's). Go before it's gone like affordable housing."

"I felt dirty and not in a good way."

"I'm sure I'll be back anyway, hopefully it'll be better the next time. the beans and pork were really good though!"

"Pedro's is that awesome neighborhood place that you're a little scared to go into but once you do you're hooked."

"Has anyone ever had a burrito with peas and carrots thrown in? I think they might have been the packaged frozen kind."

More reviews at Yelp.
Read about the mural and more at Green Brooklyn.

Photo by MK Metz

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Unknown said...

Oh Pedro's... I have lived near this place for many years and when I first moved in it was on of the very few places to be found in DUMBO at all. I love mexican food (Spanish / Latin food whatever) and WISHed and HOPED and PRAYED that Pedro's would be good but, quit frankly, the food is simply AWFUL. I have never understood why people go there. I have tried going back about 4 times over a 6 year period hoping each time I would get something at least a little but edible but it has never happened. I could go to Bridge Fresh or Jimi's down the street and buy a can of refried beans and a bag of chips and have a better meal. In contrast, Hecho en DUMBO located on Front street a couple blocks away is probably some of the BEST mexican food I have ever had in the Northeast (try the Ensalada Rosaura). That anyone would go to Pedro's when Hecho is right down the street is CRIMINAL. Oh but the new mural is nice.

Anonymous said...

is a shitty $8 burrito considered cheap?

Anonymous said...

good for a beer on the sidewalk... worst food ever.