Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brooklyn Heights Banana Stand: It's Legal!

Attention Brooklyn Heights: The rogue banana stand parked in front of the St. George Hotel is legal. Everybody pack up your weapons and go home!

That's right: after complaints by a variety of residents and the Brooklyn Heights Association, it turns out that the rogue stand is totally legal, says the Brooklyn Eagle.

“There has been a mistaken impression that all of Brooklyn Heights is off-limits to street vendors,” Irene Janner, office manager of the Brooklyn Heights Association, told the Eagle Monday. But “only Montague Street is off-limits,” she said.

Janner told the Eagle that "a lot of residents don’t like it, and there are issues with his van parked at the meters all day. When does the street get swept?”

On the other hand, Janner said, “some people like it.”

The owner of the stand, who told the Eagle that he just wants to make people happy, says the police came by three times, but everything seemed to be in order.

Quote of the day from Robert Perris, District Manager of District 2: “Sometimes the fights are so fierce because the stakes are so small.”

Controversy Over, Heights Vendor Just Wants to Make People Happy Brooklyn Eagle

- Banana Stand 1, Brooklyn Heights Association 0
- Rogue Fruit Stand Pops Up on Henry Street

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Phil Vitale said...

You'd think the guy was selling big Macs or something. It's fruit. Five servings a day. Give your little twerps fruit instead of ice cream . . .

the oblitterati said...

I thought everybody loved the fruit man. Bloomberg allowed for more fruit stand permits and we are lucky enough to have a 24 hour fruit stand. Perhaps it was the Busy Chef who was doing the complainin'.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Peas and Pickles...

Anonymous said...

Love the quote of the day. This is a riff on Henry Kissinger' line: "University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small."