Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Banana Stand 1, Brooklyn Heights Association 0

Last Tuesday we ventured that this illegal fruit stand, squatting blatantly in front of the Hotel St. George in Brooklyn Heights, would be "dragged outa here by a squadron from the Brooklyn Heights Association any minute."

Turns out that the BHA did indeed put in a call to the authorities to have the oversized cart removed, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

But the cart is still there -- and getting busier every day. It seems the fruit is cheaper than Peas n' Pickles up the block, which has been King of the Mangoes since Gristedes burned down.

The illegal stand even has the temerity to expand it's illegal real estate, with a sign around the corner on Clark Street which reads in part: "Fruit Station is Now Open! . . . On Henry Street. This is what you need! 24/7"

How long can the banana stand hold off the powers that be? Have they bested the BHA? And will they ever get avocados?

- Rogue Fruit Stand Pops Up on Henry Street

Photos by MK Metz
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Anonymous said...

Went there last night and saw 3 bananas for one dollar...I BUY!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen their little flyer?

Their slogan is amazing.

It reads...
"Lovely Fruit, There is no convenience way for shopping"

Anonymous said...

His fruit is good, I hope he stays. The fruit at Peas & Pickles is often worse than it was at Gristedes.