Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Biker Babes Rumble in Dumbo! Oh, Wait . . . It's 'Ugly Betty'

These biker girls were going hog-wild yesterday on the Dumbo set of the award-winning series "Ugly Betty," which has moved to New York for the filming of its third season for ABC. The set took over a chunk of the dock at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park.

The popular America Ferrera (no helmet, above) plays the title role. Check out the whole cast here. Lindsay Lohan is appearing as Kimberly again this season.

Don't let anyone kid you -- the life of a TV star is no bed of roses. Those girls were out in the sweltering sun for a l-o-n-g time in those helmets.

Those tough-looking dudes with the scruffy beards, Daytona Beach T-shirts and Harleys were the real thing. A Craigslist posting recently ran: "Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking men with Harley Motorcycles for EXTRA work on the TV Show Ugly Betty. Filming will take place in Brooklyn. Must have a valid MC license and be able to ride a motorcycle and must own your own Harley ... This is paid extra work and is the basic NON SAG rate of $85.00 for the first 10 hours."

That's $8.50 an hour, boys!

Who could these two starlets be?

Not too far from the Waterfalls, but all eyes were on the taping.

Can anyone ID the actresses wearing helmets?

Filming 'Ugly Betty' in Dumbo Today (Lindsay Lohan's New TV Home?)

Photos copyright MK Metz, 2008


Anonymous said...

I am the letter "Y" Kelli Gelwicks

Goozle said...

You are hot, Hot, HOT Chica!

mcbrooklyn said...

Thanks Kelli. You looked great out there.

Anonymous said...

i know kelli personally and your right shes hot nice job kel.
you know who haha

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Quite a fan club.

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dam hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kell, I love you girl but..even I won't turn my red hair THAT red. ~grin~ Seriously, very cool shots though. Can't wait to see it.


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Aww thanks guys!!! So who is you know who???