Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Columbia Place Plant: Somebody Pot Me, Please

It's a rose bush on the corner of Joralemon Street and Columbia Place in Brooklyn Heights, and it's crying out to be re-potted.

A few years back, the Columbia Place Association transformed this short street -- running from Joralemon to State Streets -- into a lush, whimsical landscape. Plants were not only growing from barrels, they were sprouting from chairs hanging on posts, from tall boots, funny buckets, etc. In 1999 the street took 3rd place in the Greenest Block in Brooklyn contest for "Most Creative Planters," and for several years thereafter the block was fabulously green

Adding to the allure of the Columbia Place was Alicia's Cafe, a flower shop and a general store, all on the ground floor of Alfred T. White's historic Riverside Houses.

The restaurant, flower shop and general store were mysteriously emptied by the owner, the controversial Pinnacle Group and partner Praedium, a couple of years ago. The planters are disintegrating.

(Incidentally, in May, the Landmarks Preservation Commission nixed Pinnacle's plans to uproot century-old trees and build a two-level garage in the courtyard of the Riverside House.)

The rose bush is in front of the closed general store on the corner, if anybody wants to give it a new barrel.

Photo by MK Metz

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