Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why the Brooklyn Paper Didn't Write About the Crook at the Busy Chef and What This Means For America

So then Kuntzman tells Gothamist that the Brooklyn Heights Blog, being a blog, has a lower standard of what they can print, and that's why he didn't follow up Homer's hint to the Brooklyn Paper about the Busy Chef's manager being a crook. And then Homer says, as for a blog’s standards being lower than a newspaper’s, well let's look at what your classy newspaper prints anyway. Then he links to one of the Brooklyn Paper's memorably gross T & A shots (Hello, neighbor!), and a disgusting poop video and more, and then says "Yes, we bloggers live in the gutter. Those newspaper guys are so classy."

So that's why the Brooklyn Paper didn't write about the crook at the Busy Chef after Homer gave them the head's up. And furthermore, Kuntzman says, the fact that the Busy Chef was an advertiser has nothing to do with it.

We hope that clears it up.

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Anonymous said...

Fink is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

That you, Homer?