Thursday, July 31, 2008

And Now, a Monster at Montauk

Gawker started it, New York magazine expanded on it: what appears to be a photo, taken by Alanna Nevitski, of an ungodly animal corpse that washed up on Montauk beach. It's a hairless creature with a beak, claws, and scary eyes.

Real, or a summer hoax? Hint: This is "a government animal testing facility very close by in Long Island," says Gawker.

- Cromosaurus Spotted in Dumbo

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Anonymous said...

many sources have speculated that its a sea turtle without its, turtles don't have skin under their shells, the shell is not a removable part of the turtle with a fully formed body fact a turtle's spine is part of its shell. Some people have obviously never looked that closely at a turtle before, or have watched way too many looney tunes in their lives!

Anonymous said...

OK, the bloated body could be a dog, a goat, etc after a few hard weeks in the water. But that FACE. Either inspired photoshop, or something that escaped off Plum Island ...