Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy July 17 Fireworks Over South Street Seaport

We had to call 311 to dig up information about those mysterious fireworks Thursday over South Street Seaport, between Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is all the information that the City of New York had on the event:

"The fireworks were held over Pier 14 [South Street Seaport] and they were sponsored by White & Case LLP."

White & Case is a global law firm involved in sophisticated corporate and financial transactions -- such as mergers and acquisitions -- and complex dispute resolution proceedings. For example, the firm represented Visa a couple of months ago in the largest initial public offering in US history.

Celebrating the comeback of M&A activity? The Dow up 207? Or just for the heck of it?

Photo by MK Metz


paul said...

We're visitiing from Virginia and this was a fabulous surprise. Thank you for welcoming us to NY!

Pete said...

We just saw Fireworks by the Statue of Liberty while as the same seeing fireworks far off in Brooklyn and at the same time in Staten Island.

Any ideas

mcbrooklyn said...

Pete, the Staten Island fireworks celebrated a games between the S.I. Yankees and Batavia; the far off Brooklyn sighting was the regular Friday evening fireworks at Coney Island.
Can't find any mention of the Statue of Liberty works. Anybody?

Erin said...

its sat, july 19th and we were jsut driving toward hoboken and saw fireworks by the statue of liberty around 10pm tonight. stopped off in liberty state park to see what they were for... looks like they might have been coming from the city though. I HAVE GOOGLED THIS FOR 15 MINS and have come up blank.
what were the fireworks for??????

Dan said...

I'll back erin up on this. I was at the SI Yankees/Brooklyn Cyclones game and almost on-cue after a walk-off Yankees home run, the fireworks went off. At first I thought it was for the game, but they went on for 20 minutes and it looked like they were set off from somewhere near lower Manhattan (like around the Ferry terminal).

They were beautiful and it was a nice unexpected show, but I'm curious how there is no mention anywhere. Nothing in the news, nothing on's strange because I'm sure most of lower Manhattan, downtown Brooklyn, SI and Jersey saw delayed the Ferry for about an hour I believe. Was this the same company?

Anonymous said...

The fireworks were part of the wedding celebration of Joseph E. Kaminkow & Benita J. Riley being held on Le Bateaux in the New York Harbor. MDH, Maid of Honour

mcbrooklyn said...

Congratulations! If you plan more fireworks for your anniversary, let us know.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm the Bride from the July 19, 2008 wedding. We are glad that you enjoyed our fireworks! They were a surprise for me from my darling new husband. I was glad to find this blog because I wondered what people must have thought about on that night when the harbor was filled with fireworks. If anyone has any pictures, I would love to see them! BJR