Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paparrazzi Swarm 'Gossip Girl' Shoot at Packer in Brooklyn Heights

Paparrazzi were swarming around Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights yesterday, where a Gossip Girl shoot was taking place. But what an annoying location! "They really couldn’t have picked a more obstructed site, a courtyard behind multiple fences and lots of shrubbery." says Filming in Brooklyn.

"As if all of that weren’t enough, when the paparrazzi got too aggressive and annoying, the crew set up additional screens to block everyone’s sight."

But wait! Here’s Leighton Master taking her dog for a walk! And here's Blake Liveley! And here's a production assistant trying to get a paparazzo down off of the fence!

See Filming in Brooklyn for pictures.

-'Gossip Girl' Filming in Brooklyn Heights Monday
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Photos by MK Metz

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