Monday, July 21, 2008

Work Begins at 114 Henry St. in Brooklyn Heights; DOB Disapproves Plans

Work has begun -- or maybe not -- on the basement and ground floor of the five-story 114-116 Henry Street (near Clark St.) in Brooklyn Heights, which, though closed for more than a year, recently held a decent Thai restaurant (Thai Grill).

The Department of Buildings job description say that the building's owner, Stuart Venner, plans to "convert the basement and first floor from a restaurant to a commercial space." A worker on site last week told McBrooklyn that "an office and showroom" was going in.

In spite of the Call-A-Head installed outside the door, the project's plan (by Ernst Architect) was disapproved on July 7, according to the DOB.

UPDATE: A permit was issued yesterday to renovate existing 2nd, 3rd and 4t floor apartments in the building. The renovations include new attic and convenience stair on the 4th floor, minor partition re-configuration and new misc. plumbing fixtures. In addition, a permit to do the basement, cellar and first floor work has also been approved.

At least money shouldn't be an issue. Last month, according to Brownstoner, Venner -- the original owner of the Carlton Mews project -- was bought out by the equity partners he brought in a couple of years ago. Venner received $6.75 million. (The project includes the conversion of a church on Adelphi Street and the construction of a group of new townhouses on Carlton Avenue.)

The Brooklyn Eagle says Venner paid $4.4 million for the Henry Street building.

The Eagle also quotes local historian Don Evans, who recalled that the the Henry Street space was once the site (40 years ago) of the Candlelight, a popular family restaurant known for its “fluffy oversized popovers” served with cottage cheese.

Roadfood says that the restaurant's full name was Patricia Murphy's Candlelight, and it was part of a popular and beloved chain. New York Magazine's "Whatever Happened to American Food" describes "boyhood treats at Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, where waitresses in gingham walked around with baskets of popovers."

Photo by MK Metz


Solly said...

I used to eat there in the sixties when Sam Kern ran the joint. He was a charming guy. I would meet my good friend Johnny Addy there on Friday nights. Johnny was a fight announcer, rest his soul. The other owner was for the birds. Marty was his name I think...we called him Hooker Marty...always was with one..

Anonymous said...

We never ate at Patricia Murphy's, but have heard great things about it. How was the food?

Anonymous said...

Ia m the son of mentally challenged dishwasher who worked at the Candelight restaurant when Sammy Kern owned it in the 60's.
My dads name was Charlie Schmyer. Before he died he requested that his ashes be spread in the restaurants kitchen. Kerns partner Martin Jellozzo refused the request. Fire on his head! I burried his ashes next to the tree in the picture. To my dad... are ya!

bwhite said...

cub byk,
That's so touching. Now when I walk by that tree I'll say a word or two to your dad, may he rest in peace.