Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting Your Kid into a Good School in Brooklyn

Recommended reading if you're trying to get your child into a good public school (or even a private school) in Brooklyn:

In Kensington Stories, one man's account about "our private struggle to get my son into a decent school." From the sublime to the ridiculous, a true story of what it takes to get your kid into any decent school in Brooklyn.

In the Brooklyn Eagle: Middle School Situation Stresses Out Brooklyn Parents. The demand for good middle schools in Brooklyn far outstrips the supply, according to Clara Hemphill, author of the New York City's Best Public Middle Schools guide book. “It’s very difficult for parents to deal with uncertainty,” Hemphill said. Essential advice: “Do whatever works for you: meditation, Valium or a stiff shot of bourbon! But try not to let your child see your anxiety.”

In New York Magazine: Cracking the Kindergarten Code -- "Landing your child in a quality public elementary school is a real-estate play." (It's a couple of years old but so New York!)

And if you really want to get your kid into a great public school, New York parents' number one choice:

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