Monday, August 25, 2008

'Black Chick from Brooklyn' Running Democratic National Convention, and Democrats Get Religion

Leah Daughtry
-- a "black chick from Brooklyn," she calls herself in a Newsweek interview -- is chief of staff of the Democratic National Committee and is also the person in charge of planning the Democratic convention, which starts today.

She's also a Pentacostal minister who's trying to show the world that Democrats can have religion, too.

In Brooklyn, the Rev. Herbert Daughtry of the House of the Lord Church on Atlantic Avenue is well known as a defender of human rights and proponent of Black-liberation theology. (The rather infamous Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's minister and mentor before this past year's flap, was quite the Black-liberation theologist.)

Newsweek profiles Leah as a power player who works "to shake Democrats free of their image as a faith-averse party whose candidates care about 'values voters' only in an election year."

The New York Times has an excellent 5-page report on her and why, this election year, the Democrats may get religion.

Can Leah Daughtry Bring Faith to the Party? NY Times
Putting Faith in a 'Black Chick from Brooklyn' Newsweek

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