Monday, August 25, 2008

Buy a NYC Homeless Kid Some Crayons, Easy, No Sweat

The Mommy Poppins blog has been working with Seneca Houses, an organization that provides temporary housing for homeless families in NYC. They've asked her for help in providing school supplies for the 100 children that are currently living in their apartments.

So Mommy has created an Amazon Wish List for the kids with all the school supplies that they have requested (and she's also collecting PayPal cash if you'd rather donate online).

The wish list is quite fun -- everything's all addressed, you just click on what you want to buy, from crayons to backpacks.

Mommy Poppins readers have already purchased about half the requested items -- now it's up to everyone else to kick in the rest. Hurry up -- school starts Tuesday!

Photo of School Supply Mountain by EvelynEshere, Creative Commons license

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Jennie Velazquez said...

Thanks to McBrooklyn for posting a request for school supplies for the children at Seneca.

We are truly grateful that you thought so much of our children at such short notice. May your heartfelt thoughts be truly blessed!

Maritza Alvarez
Executive Director
Seneca Houses/Freeman Houses

Packages were received and distributed to the families at Seneca Houses by:
Jennie Velazquez
Office Manager
Seneca Houses