Sunday, August 10, 2008

Is Atlantic Avenue's Key Food 'Trader Joe'sing?'

Talk about changes: This Key Food, on Atlantic Avenue at Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights, looks more like a tropical jungle than an urban supermarket. The interior has been renovated as well.

Could it be that they're looking to confuse people into thinking they're the island-themed Trader Joe's, slated to open down the block in October?

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Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

I am stunned by the changes both outside and inside this branch of Key Foods.I wish they had done this a long time ago !!!!

Anonymous said...

That Key Foods store is still a mockery of a grocery establishment. Besides being crazily overpriced, the cashiers are ridiculously rude and nearly-laughably lazy. Neither myself nor anyone I know will shop there anymore, which is a shame because I live only a block away. I hope Trader Joe's runs them out of business.

Anonymous said...

I live a block away from Pacific Green (on Pacific and Court street) and 2 blocks from Key Foods. During the summer I bought three cheese bricks from Pacific Green, all of which were bad (assuming from maintaining too high of a temperature in which the bricks sat). Key Foods' produce just sucks, and their selection of products is horrible.

It is unfortunate that it took the arrival of Trader Joe's for Key Foods to up their appearance/produce...will not shop at Key Foods or Pacific Green again, unless needed.