Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cancel Your Cancun Vacation and Party in Brooklyn, and More Briefs

- Car drives into Gowanus Canal, does not immediately dissolve. Photos on the Pardon Me For Asking blog.

- Just one more legal glitch in the way of Ratner's Atlantic Yards project. Brooklyn Eagle

- People are canceling Memorial Day flights to Cancun to party hardy right here in Brooklyn. High-heeled shoes seem to be involved. Minority Report

- The Park Slope Civic Council is aiming to triple in size Brooklyn’s largest historic district. Brooklyn Paper

- There’s Brooklyn's Chili Takedown, Tofu Takedown, Bacon Throwdown, Chili Cook-off, Emily Farris’ Casserole Contest . . . and Monday's 3rd annual Brooklyn Kitchen Cupcake Bake-off. The Brooklyn Kitchen

- Several thousand dwarfs and family members will be descending on Brooklyn this summer. Your Nabe

- Dumbo company makes Tyvek wallets, goes viral on YouTube. The rest is history. GreenBeat Brooklyn

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