Friday, May 15, 2009

Gregory Hotel in Brooklyn Should Probably Lose a Star At Least

What is it with the The Best Western Gregory Hotel in Bay Ridge?

It seems decent enough. The rooms come with cable satellite television with HBO and pay per view movies, daily complimentary continental breakfasts and complimentary newspapers.

So why do bodies keep turning up?

A woman named Pamela Hanson was convicted of murder this week for killing a guy at the Gregory after he spit on her. From today's Brooklyn Eagle:

"At the death-plagued Gregory Hotel, an enraged stripper was spit on by a customer and then stabbed the man in the neck — paralyzing him — before sticking the knife down his throat."

Not for nothin', but that was the third death at the hotel in a six month period. What is it about that place?

Oddly, the guests commenting about the Gregory on Expedia think it's pretty OK -- while the guests commenting on Trip Advisor think it's pretty dreadful. No one mentions the bodies,

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