Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yassky: Fireworks Should Remain At Their 'Rightful Home'

Moving the fireworks to the West Side is so not cool. Years of tradition would be shot -- BBQs, buying hot dogs near the Promenade, hanging out at Empire/ Fulton Ferry State Park, conning our way into some party overlooking the waterfront.

The restaurants and vendors in Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and Williamsburg must be in a state of shock. Got this in the email today:

Council Member David Yassky today issued the following statement regarding the decision to move the Fourth of July fireworks show from the East River to the West Side:

“The annual Fourth of July fireworks show on the East River and over the internationally-recognized Brooklyn Bridge is one of our City’s greatest spectacles. Moving the show to New Jersey would negatively impact thousands of tourists and residents who come to Manhattan and Brooklyn to enjoy the show, and the countless local business that stand to benefit from the event. I urge Macy’s to split the show so that Brooklyn residents are not robbed of this important tradition and influx of economic activity during this moment of economic uncertainty.”

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

East River Fireworks - F*ck yeah!