Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Concord Market, Downtown Brooklyn, Hoping For June Opening

The new Concord Market in Downtown Brooklyn (on Tillary Street at Jay in Concord Village) sounds like it's going to be a huge improvement over the Associated supermarket that used to occupy the space. (The photo to the left is the old Associated, still hanging around on Google Maps but no longer with us.)

The owner, Victor Vora, is a resident of Concord Village himself and knows what the neighborhood needs, according to the Brooklyn Eagle. He's been totally rehabbing the place, and plans to offer residents free delivery, “even for single grocery items.” The way things stand this week, he's hoping for a June opening.

Now if he could only do something about the nearby Celeste Diner.

New Supermarket for Downtown to Open Next Month Brooklyn Eagle

Photo from Google Maps

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Anonymous said...

Any updates on the opening date?

mcbrooklyn said...

Looks like it's plodding along: A "Plan Exam" for a marquee replacement was in progress as of 7/21/09, according to DOB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! How do you search for things like that online? Love the blog by the way.

mcbrooklyn said...

DOB's website:

Anonymous said...

Woah, busy site... not sure where to start. I'll just take your word for it. I walked past the other night and it looks like a lot of the lighting fixtures have now been installed.

Anonymous said...

I keep peeking in and it looks like they're making the slowest progress in history. Shelves have gone up and the freezers look to be in. All they need now is the food!