Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Sea Monster Time Again In Long Island

It's sea monster time again -- specifically, it's that time of year when the bloated, corroded corpse of a "Montauk Monster" comes washing up on shore somewhere in Long Island and we bloggers have a field day speculating on what top secret government lab is producing these creatures from hell.

This season's Montauk Monster (let's call it Monty 2) was recently brought to our attention by ("The Official Montauk Monster Web Site"). They said that the smelly old thing was found by a local couple in Southold, on the island's North Fork. They also provide a video, taken in the dead of night, of the group examining the item.

Remember last summer's Montauk Monster?
And the Dumbo Sea Creature?

They're baaaack.

- And Now, a Monster at Montauk
- Yet Another Creature Crawls From the Sea -- This Time in Dumbo

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1 comment:

long island girl said...

it's another creepy creature from the sea. let's just hope that the people examining the animal wouldn't find anything that will make this animal harmful to the people.