Thursday, July 30, 2009

Broooklyn Real Estate News: Coney, Starrett City, City Point and More

- The Council City voted overwhelmingly in favor of Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to transform Coney Island into a year-round entertainment complex. Brooklyn Eagle ; Mayor Bloomberg may have reached a Coney deal with developer Joe Sitt. Curbed; More details on the plan. Observer

- Affordable for 30 more years: Gov. David Paterson announced on Wednesday that he had signed legislation guaranteeing that Starrett City, a 5,881-unit complex in Brooklyn, will remain in the Mitchell-Lama program. Crain's NY

- City Point, the giant multi-use complex that was to be "Downtown Brooklyn’s own Time Warner Center," will now be built in two phases, according to the Observer.

- The Brooklyn Rescue Mission in Bed-Stuy could lose half of Bed-Stuy Farm -- its 5,000-square-foot facility on a long-neglected lot -- if plans go through to build on it. NY Daily News

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