Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wait -- Has Whole Foods Given Up On Gowanus? Yes. No. Yes. No.

The story so far:

1. The Brooklyn Paper reports that Whole Foods has finally given up on building a store in Gowanus.

2. Whole Foods issues a letter saying that they definitely haven't given up on Gowanus.

3. The Brooklyn Paper insists that Whole Foods said they are giving up on Gowanus, and prints an email sent by a Whole Foods representative that sounds like they might be giving up on Gowanus.

4. Whole Foods again denies they are giving up on Gowanus, saying, "Whole Foods Market is actively working on plans for a store at the Gowanus site, and we want to be sure that the Brooklyn Paper's readers understand that fact."

Yes? No? Gosh, we don't know who to believe!

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Idiotica said...

Hmm. Let's see... Should I trust Whole Foods, a corporate conglomerate, or the Brooklyn Paper, known rant rag/piece o' crap?

That's a tough one. As non-news goes, this story is HUGE. My money is on Whole Foods. Not cause they say they will, but because the Brooklyn Paper says they won't!

Anonymous said...

See how the Post and the Currier jumped in to back up the Brooklyn Paper? Could get embarrassing for them after a while...