Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcoming the Little People

You may have noticed an unusual number of little people -- dwarfs and other short folks -- milling about Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights recently. Turns out there's a Little People (LP) convention at the Brooklyn Marriott, bringing roughly 3,000 LP to the neighborhood.

Brooklyn is welcoming the little people with open arms, says the Brooklyn Eagle. (They certainly are injecting much-needed dollars into the local economy!) And the little people bring a new perspective to normal-sized locals, who never realized what some people have to go through just to get a coke out of a soda machine.

The convention features workshops focusing on the concerns and special problems of little people (health problems, and how to deal with staring and teasing, for example) and offers plenty of opportunities for LP to meet each other and socialize.

The Eagle lists one workshop many Brooklynites might find useful: A “Women’s Safety Awareness Seminar” which provides LP women with such practical defensive tactics such as the "Stiletto Stomp," "Handbag Hurl" and "Brutal Brush.”

The word "midget," by the way, is considered an offensive term to many little people, according to NY1.

Photo by MK Metz
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