Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brooklyn's 'Virtual Doormen,' and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A new Indian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights seems to have potential, if opening day service bumps can be worked out. Brooklyn Heights Blog

- The New York Times endorsed City Councilman David Yassky of Brooklyn for New York City Comptroller Monday. Brooklyn Eagle

- Using the magic of technology, Shelved@NYC has resurrected the Brooklyn Public Library's response to the whole Tintin Au Congo brouhaha, after the library removed the response from its blog. Shelved@NYC

- 193 members now belong to the Yahoo group dedicated to the collection and preservation of the history of the The St George Tower in Brooklyn Heights. TheStGeorgeTower

- Cripes: Now Thor Equities has shut down Dreamland! Is that the sound of something going down the drain? Save Coney Island

- "Virtual Doorman," a high-tech electronic doorman system, is finding acceptance in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Eagle

- The non-profit environmental group Times Up! is hosting a bike tour of Newtown Creek this Saturday at 4pm. Greenpointers

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The Boise Picayune said...

I grew up on East 31st Street @ The Junction and we had 2 Doormen, A Super' and a Porter.

It was just a regular working class building.

Now living in Boise, Idaho., I am constantly amused at the folks (mostly Californians)who shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase cheesy condos that won't even supply a Doorman.

"Virtual" Doormen?!?

No such thing. It's just snappy marketing for a security system.

P.S. Funny thing about living here?

It's the Potato Capitol of the known universe and you can't get a friggin' Knish!

mcbrooklyn said...

Boise -- hahha that IS funny.
Guess it's a funny world -- from Brooklyn to the Potato Capitol of the universe!