Monday, August 31, 2009

'Slumlord Watch List' Interactive Map, Courtesy of De Blasio

Public Advocate candidate Bill de Blasio sent us a note saying that he has launched a Slumlord Watch List, displaying landlords who have let their buildings fall into dangerous disrepair. Viewers will be able to use the interactive map to locate existing slumlords, and submit their address as well.

Bushwick and Brownsville have a few addresses already on the map (the names of the slumlords aren't actually listed, just the building addresses) ; Bed-Stuy and Red Hook have one slumlord apiece so far. Guess we can expect a deluge if this thing catches on. (Make sure to use the hand tool to scroll around the whole city.)

“Leaking pipes, exposed wires, no fire alarms, broken locks -- New Yorkers across our City are forced to live under these and many other deplorable conditions each day, with no recourse against their negligent landlords," he said. "The Public Advocate must be an independent leader standing up for tenants, not bogged down by financial ties to the real estate industry."

De Blasio says that as Public Advocate, he will organize disaffected tenants so they can stand up for their rights.

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Anonymous said...

End rent control and these problems go away quickly.

Where does he expect landlords getting $300/month to come up with the money from?

Anonymous said...

no these landlords should stay in there sum apts one night and they will think twice mine dont f8ck wit i will hold the rent and take me to and i win all the time

Anonymous said...

Beware slumlord and bad neighbors 12th st and mountain view duplexes in phoenix az - not the buildings!