Saturday, August 8, 2009

Helicopter and Small Aircraft Collide Over Hudson River -- Update 4

NotifyNYC sent out an alert at 12:37 that a helicopter and a small plane collided over the Hudson River.

According to NY1, a witness said that both aircraft "spiraled down" and immediately submerged under water. Sources told NY1 that at least one person has died. UPDATE: NY1 confirms one dead.

According to Firefighter Hourly, six people were reported on board the helicopter and an unknown number of people on the fixed wing aircraft.

National Terror Alert reports that one victim has been airlifted to an area hospital. UPDATE: NY1 says this is not confirmed.

UPDATE 12:51: Various sources say the helicopter was a Liberty Tours chopper.

UPDATE 1:20: Marcambinder via Twitter reports: FAA says plane was Piper Aircraft PA32 wing #71MC. Departed KTEB (Teterboro), headed south, collided with Liberty Helicopter. Also: Witnesses report plane was carrying ad banner.

UPDATE 1:47: Newsday reports that at least one person has died and six people were rescued. Divers are still searching for victims. UPDATE: Not true.

UPDATE 1:58: Liberty Helicopter website says, "Flying safely for over 20 years."

UPDATE 2:02: Liberty Helicopter Tours website has crashed.

UPDATE 2:25: NY1 reports that three people were aboard the plane.

UPDATE 3:15: No survivors. More here.

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long island gal said...

This kind of situation happens very rarely. This is a very serious accident that has a very big investigation to be made. We all hope for justice to prevail.