Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rats In Brooklyn? Not To Worry

It turns out there are no current surveys or studies that track the number of rats in Brooklyn or New York City. But not to worry: NYC's Dept. of Health says that New York's rats don't transmit disease to city residents like those dirty rats in other cities around the world, according to a story in the Brooklyn Eagle.

That's a relief, because residents quoted by the Eagle say Brooklyn is swamped with rats "the size of hamsters." Smith Street and Atlantic Avenue restaurant-goers talk about rats in the dining patios, Boerum Hill residents talk about rats getting inside their homes.

Brooklyn's Rats: Making Us Sick? Or Just a Nuisance? Brooklyn Eagle

- More Rats at Brooklyn Borough Hall

Photo of rat in Borough Hall by MK Metz
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Anonymous said...

I guess your rats take the R line
from 28th street and Broadway in NYC
and visit Brooklyn,then stay,cool.
Whoa! Bronx rats are mean if not healthy,lived with them for years
one ran up a broomstick as i was
about to bash it's skull and bit me.

Anonymous said...

I just hate it when they crawl out and die at your feet.