Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Turf War Over Brooklyn Heights' Cadman Park: Have Soccer Players Taken Over?

First there was the outcry over putting artificial turf in Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn Heights.

Now, parents of small children complain that soccer players have taken over the park.

A mom quoted in the Brooklyn Eagle story says the adult soccer games take place “seven days a week, from morning to night.” It's no longer safe to take your children to the park, she says.

The Heights Association has received multiple complaints from local residents and parents, according to the article. (And let's not even talk about Saint Ann's, which uses the park as their own private gym morning, noon and after school during the school year . . . Or those damn Corporate Cornholers.)

Our favorite quote: "Moreover, because the turf is not officially an athletic field, Parks says it has no means for making rules about organized sports because 'supposedly that doesn’t happen.'”

Soccer Players vs Tots, At Cadman Plaza Park Brooklyn Eagle

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Anonymous said...

I've stopped going there and I don't even have kids. I've been hit twice with soccer balls. One of them hard.

Anonymous said...

oh come on! there are at least 10 other parks and playgrounds within walking distance for children and people who just want to sit around with a cup of coffee and newspaper. There are barely ANY spaces like this in nyc for athletics or sports. it's great that this kind of healthy activity has taken over the park and i support it!

Anonymous said...

didn't this argument already run its course on Brooklyn Heights Blog? silly old media!