Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brooklyn Heights Barber Shop Featured In Play, Doesn't Like It

The video clip above is a reading from "The Cutting Den," a "modern day flood story" set in a well-known Brooklyn Heights barbershop/bookie parlor during the first week of the Major League baseball season. 

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, "The Cutting Den" written by playwright Ron Scott Stevens is a fictionalized version of the 85-year-old Cutting Den in the St. George arcade -- and the boss at the actual Cutting Den is disappointed by the play. (Probably something about the mob rub out rubbed him the wrong way.)

But he suggests that there is plenty of material for a future play, if anyone cares to tackle it: “A play about Truman Capote coming here, Norman Mailer, and Alan Alda… Arthur Miller,” he says.

Runs through Feb. 21.

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