Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun With Google Street View in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

Here's a fun thing to do on Google Maps' Street View when you are exploring Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn.

 Start at the intersection of John and Gold Street in Vinegar Hill. Turn so your back is against the fence. You should see something that looks like the above scene.

 Head up Gold Street towards the white car.

 Notice the obstruction. Maybe you can drive around it. But what about that fence in the back, blocking off the street? How will you get through that? Keep driving . . . fast!

BAM! You drove right through it! And look, you made it through the fence, too!

To complete your fun trip, turn around and go back through the fence and around the obstruction.
Notice something funny?

Photos courtesy of Google
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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. It shows that photos were taken at different times and that Google uses GPS coordinates to stitch all the photos together. Unless I missed the Brooklyn Sasquatch in the photos, then all bets are off and set everything in the Brooklyn portfolio! Egads :)

bj said...

Aw, don't tell us how they do it!