Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brooklyn Mutt Show: Real Dogs Are Not Poofy

Those poofy, shaky little full breeds get all the attention in Manhattan, but in Brooklyn we're nuts about mutts.

Now mutts will have their weekend in the spotlight at the Brooklyn Lyceum Mutt Show, Saturday and Sunday, March 13 and 14, 11am - 7pm

Say it loud, say it proud: "My dog is of dubious bloodlines!" Join the hairy masses as they celebrate and compete for prizes and treats, kisses and scratches. Enter your dog in as many classes as you like.

Guest judges will be overseeing categories of all kinds, like 'sloppiest kisser', 'looks most like your owner', 'best beard', 'best lap dog over 70lbs', 'best costume' and more. Browse through doggie retail goods for sale, get your face painted, grab lunch at the Lyceum Cafe, and support participating non-profit animal organizations. A percentage of all proceeds will go directly to benefit BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition), a no-kill shelter located in Williamsburg. Many other activities to be confirmed.

It's only $10 per class entered, and a very low ticket price to come and cheer them on. Register yer mutt in advance. (Activities/retail space admission is free.)

A few highlights: Comic book artist and famed toy designer Ami Bogin will be judging the t-shirt contest and signing her limited edition posters. BARC will be showing a video introducing people to their shelter and its important mission.

(Just joking about poofy dogs, btw. Here's a link to the Westminster Dog Show event that just took place at MS Garden.) 

Top photo of Pepe from BARC

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