Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guy Drives Wrong Way Down Cadman Plaza West, Fights Cops -- Brooklyn Heights

Two hours ago officers from the 84th Precinct probably saved somebody's life.

About 10:15 p.m. Saturday night the dark car barely discernible in the middle of the photo above was pulled over by police on Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights, heading down the wrong side of the street --  right into traffic heading north.

You can see his headlights are pointing south, but he's in the northbound lane.

This took place just a half a block south of the Brooklyn Bridge exit onto Cadman Plaza West. He was pulled over slightly north of 200 Cadman Plaza West, a little north of the War Memorial building in Cadman Park.

Other police cars soon showed up, which was a good thing because the guy, who was eventually handcuffed, put up a fight as the police tried to guide him into the back of one of the squad cars. It took a couple of cops to push him in, aided by other cops who went into the back seat from the other side of the car. Couldn't see how old the guy was; he appeared to be bald from our vantage point.

How many times have you read about some idiot who kills a whole family by driving down the wrong side of the road? Kudos to the fast-thinking 84th Precinct officers who averted a tragedy in Brooklyn Heights Saturday night.

Photo by MK Metz
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