Sunday, February 21, 2010

Something Odd Floating Over Brooklyn

 This video posted on YouTube by a person named "tderamus" is described as "UFO Brooklyn Jan 26th" and "Something odd floating in the skies over Bushwick."

According to Paranormal Daily News, "Some people in Brooklyn are convinced aliens are flying above the Big Apple. We have two videos that were posted on YouTube Monday showing two unknown objects floating in the sky. The person who posted the video writes, “Spotted from my backyard in Williamsburg. I watched for about 40 min. so I could tell they were moving but very slowly. They sort of looked like stars but were hanging too low and the blue one was a bit too sparkly.”

In related news, the folks over at The Disclosure Project have several demands:

  • That President Obama investigate the matter, gain proper control over these operations, end for once and forever the secrecy surrounding the UFO subject, and work with other nations to quickly coordinate an official Disclosure;
  • That President Obama stand-down any covert offensive targeting of ET spacecraft;
  • That President Obama, working with other leaders around the world, initiate open, peaceful Contact with these Extraterrestrial Civilizations;
  • That President Obama move swiftly to release the Earth-saving new energy technologies contained within these illegal covert Majestic programs so that we may be freed from the death grip that oil, gas, coal, and nuclear energy have on the planet;
  • That the Congress hold open, secrecy-free hearings on these matters immediately.
This sounds like something that Republicans, Democrats and Tea-Party members call get behind.

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