Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MTA to Lay Off 1,000+ Employees

New York City's MTA has decided to lay off  450 station agents and more than 600 administrative workers to save about $50 million, according to the NY Times and  the Daily News

Further cuts are expected this summer to the city's bus lines, and student MetroCards are being eliminated.

Access-A-Ride service for the frail and handicapped is also being cut. Instead of picking up the disabled at their doors, the service plans to cart some of them them to the nearest bus stop or subway entrance and drop them off. A prepaid taxi card system is also being proposed. The MTA also plans to "Apply more rigorous determination procedures for ADA eligibility."

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David said...

Don’t want to lose your student Metro Card? Come out and make your voice heard! The MTA is holding hearings next week in every borough! Click here for the hearings schedule: http://www.mta.info/news/pdf/public_hearing.pdf