Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Brooklyn Man Who Turned His Backyard Into a Farm, Now a Book

We first heard about Manny Howard, the Brooklyn man turned urban farmer with a vengeance, from New York Magazine back in 2007.

The magazine described Howard's backyard farm as: "An experiment in Brooklyn-style subsistence farming, starring smelly chickens, an angry rabbit, a freak tornado, a vegetable garden to die for, two psyched kids, and a marriage in the weeds."

Now there's a review of Howard's new full-length book "My Empire of Dirt: How One man Turned His Big-City Backyard into a Farm" in the Brooklyn Eagle.

As described by reviewer Michael Astor, "Howard throws himself at this Quixotic endeavor with such gusto that it hardly bothers him when he slices off a finger, nearly wrecks his marriage and suffers from some very funky food poisoning. The ensuing trail of dead bunnies, ducks and chickens is merely collateral damage."

Brooklyn. Farmer.
That's why God made Trader Joe's.

Photo by MK Metz (on our own little urban farm here in Brooklyn).

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