Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Park Action in Downtown Brooklyn: Walt Whitman Park's $4.5 Million Renovation

The ugly bollards have been removed and the walkways have been dug up as Walt Whitman Park's $4.5 million renovation has finally begun.

It's not technically a brand new park but it might as well be. Walt Whitman, sometimes called "Red Cross Park" because it sits next to the old Red Cross building on Cadman Plaza East in Downtown Brooklyn (now the OEM building) was turned into a parking lot and pretty much abandoned when the new Federal courthouse just south of it was being built.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the Department of Parks’ design will include a “great lawn,” and an ornamental fountain that will double as a sprinkler for children. Four Walt Whitman poems will be engraved in granite on the sides of the fountain."

$4.5 Million Renovation of Walt Whitman Park Begins   Brooklyn Eagle

- Walt Whitman Park Finally Loses Its Asphalt 
- New Design Calls For 'Great Lawn,' Fountain  

Photo by MK Metz

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