Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Government's Time Travel Goof Mistaken for Next Generation iPhone

A logical error on the part of a well-known technology blog obscured a major mistake made by the government's top secret Time Travel Squad. Recently, the Squad mistakenly popped a cellular device from the future into a present-day bar in Redwood City.

The Squad, aiming to send the device to the pocket of an operative in the same bar -- but in the year 2012 -- goofed and popped it instead onto an empty bar stool there last week. It landed next to an inebriated person, who picked up the device and gave it to the man next to him.

When the incredulous folks at the Gizmodo technology blog took apart the futuristic "4G" device they declared it to be a never-before seen "next-generation iPhone . . . drastically new and drastically different from what came before."

The government stayed mum as Apple did not deny -- or confirm -- that the device was one of theirs. The word is, however, that Steve Jobs ordered his men in black to recover the instrument "at all costs."

More on this story at Gizmodo.

Illustration "The Mobile Phone 1974" courtesy of Catmachine, Creative Commons License

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